• Enter your work and
    home addresses and
    select commute days.
  • Receive travel alerts 15
    minutes prior to your
    scheduled departure.
  • Simply open the app to
    view current commute
    times and conditions.
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How It

Know Before
You Go

Personalized alerts deliver real-time traffic and road conditions along your route 15 minutes before you are scheduled to leave home or work. Simply set your commute times, as well as home and work locations, and Commute will do the rest.

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  • Find alternate routes
    and avoid congestion
    with traffic-influenced
  • Navigate to the closest
    gas station, coffee shop,
    pharmacy, grocery store
    and more.
  • Compare travel options
    and plan multi-stop trips.
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Manage & Optimize

Commute links directly to the MapQuest Navigation app so you can navigate your to-do list as easily as your commute.