Watch as Matt Fisher steps up to the plate with $100 and 8 hours before the Brewers game in Key to the City: Milwaukee! Discover why there’s so much more to Wisconsin than just cheese…but yeah…there’s cheese, too.

Cruise to the Harley-Davidson Museum® to experience the rich history of these "hogs" and the amazing characters who rode them. This 20-acre museum campus is packed with more than 450 motorcycles and artifacts including the very first Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. But if that’s not enough take a peek at the city skyline from the Milwaukee riverfront.

Not only is Milwaukee the home to motorcycle innovation, but science and technology innovation too. Immerse yourself in Discovery World and explore the coolest things technology has to offer. Want to play the guitar alongside a virtual Les Paul or take a journey from Lake Michigan to the Caribbean? This is the place to do it and it’s only a short distance away from the best bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich in the Midwest!

Did we just say "bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich?" You bet we did. Located on the East Side of the city, the Comet Café is the home of everything bacon-y, cheesey, and delicious. And no need to feel guilty about indulging in a basket of bacon (yes, that’s a thing) – the Comet Café sources their ingredients from local businesses, farmers, and purveyors. So go ahead and eat another slice of their famous bacon cheddar apple pie, the Milwaukee farmers and your stomach will thank you.

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All of that bacon may leave your mouth a little dry so wash it down with a cold beer from the Miller Coors Tour! Beginning with Frederick Miller’s arrival in Milwaukee, this free tour takes you through the brewhouse, high-speed production lines, and the iconic Miller Caves. And before you leave don’t forget to stop by the Bavarian-style Miller Inn for ice-cold samples of their best brews.

Before heading to the stands make sure to stop by Kelly’s Bleachers for pre-game food and drinks. And don’t worry about how you’ll get to the game: Kelly’s Bleachers offers complementary shuttles to Miller Park so all you have to do is decide which toppings to get on your pizza before the first pitch!