There’s a lot to see and do in the City of Brotherly Love and we’ve got 8 hours game and $100 before the Phillies game to see and do it. Join Matt Fisher in Key to the City: Philadelphia!

Key to the City is a marathon, not a sprint, and marathons are all about training. Start the day off with the famous jog from the steps of Rocky Balboa’s apartment, to the top step of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, just like the champ.

Now that we’re all warmed up, head over to America’s first zoo, and certainly one of its best: The Philadelphia Zoo.

Your feet may be back on the ground, but at the Philadelphia Zoo, the animals travel 12 feet above the visitor paths via the Zoo360 Animal Exploration trails. Check out Big Cat Crossing!

Just two miles from the zoo, is the The Franklin Institute Science Museum, one of the first hands-on science museums in the country. Build neural networks, The Great Hall of Electricity with a shocking key exhibit (a la Ben Franklin). And don’t miss the literal heart of the museum: a heart that would fit the Statue of Liberty.

Gameday Guide:

Citizens Bank

Gameday Guide

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Can’t come to Philadelphia and not eat cheesesteak. Hey, if you started the journey with a jog up (or to) the famous Rocky steps, you’ve earned it! Visit Geno’s Steaks and right across the street Pat’s King of Steak. Both boast a long history and a long list of loyal, passionate fans. We’re not taking sides.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens are a garden like no other. Constructed on a once vacant lot, this 3000 square foot sculpture and mosaic garden consists of tunnels, alcoves, balconies, and walls of colorful mosaics. Constructed over 14 years by Isaiah Zagar, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens are truly a unique stop on the way to the ballpark.

One more food stop before the game: Chickie’s & Pete’s. Named by ESPN as the #1 sports bar in the country, have get a portion of the famous crab fries before jumping on the Taxi Crab to Citizens Bank Park, just in time for first pitch!