Welcome to the Emerald City, Seattle! Eight hours before the Mariners game and $100 to spend, follow Matt Fisher through the birthplace of grunge and Starbucks to see the pre-game hotspots in this edition of Key to the City: Seattle!

Where can you get fresh flowers, chocolate noodles, and fresh caught salmon thrown over your head? Pike Place Market, of course. Right on the Elliott Bay waterfront, this historic market is famous for its authentic vendors, local produce, and beautiful florist stands. But when walking down the long corridor of shops don’t be alarmed if you see more than a few flying fish. Yes, at the Pike Place Fish Market these fishing jokesters launch fresh-caught fish across the market to one another. "Why" you might ask? Maybe it’s because they want to show you how freshly caught the fish are…or maybe it’s just because they can. Either way it’s a show you do not want to miss.

Exploring a new city can be exhausting, but luckily you can see almost everything from one spot in Seattle – the Space Needle. Standing 605 feet tall this iconic structure was once the tallest towers West of the Mississippi River and has breathtaking views of the city. From the observation deck you can see all of downtown, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, and Elliott Bay. Even stop for a bite to eat at 500 feet in the sky at the rotating SkyCity restaurant. Just don’t look down!

What do Chris Pratt, Hilary Swank, and Macklemore all have in common? Well besides being pop culture icons they’re all from Seattle! To learn more about pop culture step inside the metallic walls of the EMP Museum. Started by the Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, this unique museum is home to pop culture exhibits, sound sculptures, and even an interactive Sound Lab where you can perform a rock concert in front of a virtual audience. So channel your inner Johnny Ramone and rock on!

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Even rock stars need to eat so after jamming out stop by Dick’s Drive-In. This burger joint is so loved by locals it doesn’t even advertise – its reputation is more than enough. Dick’s has been around since before McDonald’s was incorporated and their commitment to quality and simplicity has kept it the #1 fast food spot in the city. It was voted "America’s Most Life-Changing Burger" and after one bite you’ll see why.

Now that you have some food fuel, take a trip through space and time at The Pacific Science Center. This massive museum houses two IMAX theaters, a tropical butterfly house, a planetarium, and one of the largest Laser Dome theaters in the entire world. However, if that’s still not enough action you can travel back in time to the Mesozoic Era and brave the seven lifelike robotic dinosaurs. Hopefully they don’t smell the burgers in your belly!

Running from a Tyrannosaurus Rex you’re bound to be thirsty so stop by the Pyramid Alehouse for a refreshing pregame drink. Located right by Safeco Field, this bar’s full beer garden is the perfect spot to relax before first pitch!