Guess who's back, back again … MapQuest's back, tell a friend

The roads you drive aren't one dimensional so why should your iOS navigation app* be? Now you can see the route ahead of you in 2.5D with our new Perspective View! See exactly where your next turn is with our more realistic map view. Honestly, it's hard to explain so just update the app and see for yourself. It'll be worth it, we promise.

In addition, we're happy to introduce Speed Limit Warnings!** From the road and your speedometer to your navigation app, you have a lot to look at when you're driving. Stop multitasking and check the speed limit, how fast you’re going, and your directions all in one place!* Our app one-ups your speedometer by telling you whether you’re speeding or not - no mental math required.

*Similar Android updates coming soon. Stay tuned!
**Be sure to enable “Show Speed & Speed Limit” in the app Settings. We’re working hard to improve our speed limit data coverage, but as of now, it isn’t available in some residential areas so if you receive “unknown” results, that’s why. Hey, at least we’re honest.